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Talk about poise, charisma, grace and charm with a blend of great intellect,
then you know one name easily comes to mind;
Jacqueline Suowari! This gorgeous Artist does wonders with her craft and you cannot help but wonder how she puts it all together.
Well, let's find out more from this interview with our Cover Woman of The Month.

E plus The Storyteller:
Hello...Jacqueline Suowari..How are you?
Thanks for being here Today..

Jaqueline: I'm fine, thank you for having me.

E PLUS The Storyteller: How would you define Art?

Jaqueline: Art for me, is the process of self expression. It is a process that translates an idea through creativity into something tangible.
Something that makes an impact and provokes an emotional response.

E PLUS The Storyteller: Hmmm. So definitely, there is a link between Creativity and Art..

Jaqueline: Definitely,  there is no art without creativity.

E PLUS The Storyteller: Perfect.
As an artist, would you say Art found you or you found Art.?

Jaqueline : I believe art found me. I always say that art is like an application that came with my operating system. ( laughs)πŸ™‚

E PLUS The Storyteller: Lol. Interesting..Jacqueline Suowari, your artistic prowess is quite evident in your works..Can you share the inspirations behind it?
Jaqueline: I am inspired by emotions and the unspoken language of the human body; I am inspired by its ability to communicate tonnes of information without the use of words and by the everyday experiences that shape our individuality.
I find the human mind and body quite fascinating.

E PLUS The Storyteller: So tell us what's the story been like as an artist? Would you have it any other way?

Jaqueline: Life as an artist has been great really.  I think being a creative especially an artist helps you have a different take on life. Then, there are times that being an artist complicates simple issues; since your take on life is almost always different, there is the tendency to think that everyone thinks like you and vice versa.
I believe being an artist is and has been a blessing, I wouldn't have it any other way.

E PLUS The Storyteller: Awesome!
How would you describe your Artistic style?

Jaqueline : My style consists of large scale paintings on paper. In these paintings, I feature larger than life human figures or faces in monochrome drawings rendered with ballpoint pen and ink.
The colours on the painting are flat and opaque but this is not so for the drawings. In the drawings, I use a method of shading which I refer to as "layering" to create the contrast of light and shade.
I work within themes and these themes are represented in a body of work.

E PLUS The Storyteller: Awesome.. So one can simply say you explore your Creativity in diverse ways?

Jaqueline : I guess you can say that. 😁

E PLUS The Storyteller: Great..

What's the place of Art in the World Today?

Jaqueline : Art is different things to different people. In some cases, it serves as a vessel that portrays religious or historical thoughts and ideology, in other cases, it is an appreciation of beauty or a luxury item showing status. Different people relate and experience art at different levels of conciousness.
In today's world art is as explosive and potent as any lucrative business or investment. There are new records set at auction houses every year and museums and galleries have more and more visitors everyday. In today's world, art has become a way of life.

E PLUS The Storyteller: 
Hmmm..interesting indeed..
So who is your greatest influence?

Jaqueline: I am influenced by several things. I love and follow works from several creatives in photography, poetry and music. In visual art, I love Jeff koons and Njideka Akunyilli’s work; Jeff Koons always has something playful about his work especially in his colour reprentation and I am forever loving the intricacy of design, use of different media and attention to detail in Njideka’s work.

E PLUS The Storyteller: Awesome..
Great influence I must say..

Jaqueline : Thank you

E PLUS The Storyteller: And Now, how does it feel to be recognised internationally?
Has that exposure translated for you?

Jaqueline: It feels good to know that my work is appreciated internationally.

E PLUS The Storyteller: Great..
I guess we can say that Jacqueline Suowari is a fulfilled artist..?

Jaqueline: Yes

E PLUS The Storyteller: Are you thinking of impacting potential artist..?

Jaqueline : Yes, my work gives me fulfillment, but I can't say I am fulfilled because for me fulfillment is a continuous process. I don't think I'll ever stop wanting to achieve more ( laughs)
   I currently mentor a couple of aspiring artists in my studio and once in a while, I give talks at different institutions that focus on youth empowerment and talent nurturing around the country.

E PLUS The Storyteller: That's awesome..

Jaqueline:  Thank you

E PLUS The Storyteller: Indeed it has been a tremendous moment with you. Jacqueline Suowari..
  the team of E PLUS The Storyteller thank you for your time.
  We Look forward to more chats like this.
How can you be reached?

Jaqueline: I've had a nice time here too.   Thank you for having me.

E PLUS The Storyteller: Please how can you be reached?

Jaqueline : On Facebook: The Art of Jacqueline Suowari
On Instagram: @jacquelinesuowari
You can find more information about me on my website:

E PLUS The Storyteller: PerfectπŸ‘

It was almost midnight, exactly 11.30pm when Onome's dad arrived. By this time, Onome and her mum had fallen asleep. Onome's dad staggered towards the door and knocked for a while. By this time, the neighbors could hear the deafening banging at the door. They tossed and turned on their beds while trying to bear the noise.
_"Mama Onome, I say open this door before I break am!"_ He shouted.
Immediately, Onome's mother shut the door to avoid being seen by any one who might just be passing by. She moved her husband away from the door path and she tried lifting him up to his feet but he was very weighty.
_"Na which kind thing be this na? If I live you like this nau, them go say I wicked."_ Onome's mother said as she looked helpless. 
Onome overhead her mum in her sleep and that woke her up. She saw her mum murmuring.
_"Mama, na wetin happen again?"_ Onome asked.
_"Na your papa na! You know see as him don drink finish?"_ Onome's mum replied as she hissed. 
Then, Onome noticed that her dad was on the floor. She thought to herself when would all these end?
_"Abeg come make we try carry am."_ Onome's mother said.
"Mama make I go wake them Kevwe?" Onome suggested.
_"Oya, go wake them na, if dem answer you. You know say all of dem with your papa na the same thing!"_ Her mum replied.
Onome hurriedly went to the next room to wake up her eldest brother.
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